A unique foliar fertilizer adapted and progressive nitrogen feed for the vine.


Azofol SR is specially formulated for foliar use. It is the association of 2 nitrogen forms: fast-release NITROGEN and slow-release NITROGEN.

Azofol SR is a foliar nitrogen fertilizer enriched in Magnesium and Sulphur. These mineral elements, contained in this product, are all 100 % water soluble and specifically adapted to crops for which we try to improve the quality of production and the yield.

Azofol SR is a ready for use liquid product with a very « soft » action on the leaf: ease and safety of use.




Nutrient Uptake

Better use of nutritional inputs


  • High coefficient of nitrogen foliar absorption.
  • Control nitrogen availability helping to prevent Botrytis and correct nitrogen deficiencies late in the season.
  • Natural and preventive method that enables to obtain high assimilable-nitrogen must and to improve its fermentescibility, the wine’s aroma potential thus being preserved.
  • Presence of formaldehyde urea and very low biuret content in order to prevent burning.
  • Humectant properties: no re-crystallization on the leaf; hence, less risk of burning.
  • High dampening power: good dispersal and coverage of the product on the foliage.
  • Resistant to leaching.
  • The synergy of Nitrogen and Sulphur elements increases the efficiency of spraying.
  • Flexible to use: combinations possible with many phytosanitary products.


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Guaranteed Analysis% in weight
Nitrogen355 g/ℓ
Boron0.215 g/ℓ
Copper0.085 g/ℓ
Iron0.500 g/ℓ
Manganese0.530 g/ℓ
Zinc0.410 g/ℓ

Crops/Dose Rates

Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc Wine Grapes and other grape varieties: 10 ℓ/ha (10 ℓ per 100 ℓ water), 100 ℓ/ha spray volume minimum.

Apply first application at veraison (first signs of colouring of grapes) and a second application 10-15 days later.


  • Apply Azofol SR at a maximum concentration of 10%.
  • It is not necessary to add any adjuvants.


  • Do not mix with other agricultural remedies.


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