BM Start

Activator of fruit set and fruit growth for fruit trees, grapes, berries and fruiting vegetables (both field & greenhouse).


BM START® is a liquid formulation based on GA142, Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed filtrate.

Independent researches highlighted that GA142 active ingredients are oligosaccharines which have positive effect on plant physiology. GA142 activates the production of flowering hormones (polyamines) involved in pollination, fertilization (pollen tube elongation), fruit set and cell division at early fruit growth. It also activates the production of enzymes involved in mineral nutrition (nitrate reductase, phosphatases & iron reductase), and leaves photosynthetic activity, to support fruit growth.



Fruit Setting




  • By activating the physiology of reproduction and nutrition, BM START® increases the number of fruits, fruit size, and crop uniformity, resulting in higher marketable yield.
  • Apple trees: enhance the differentiation of king fruit and the thinning efficiency.
  • Wine grape: improve bunch uniformity and reduce shot berries.


Guaranteed AnalysisNominal % in Weight


Foliar application

Rate: 2L/ha per application

  • Fruit trees: 3 applications. 1) Early flowering. 2) Full bloom. 3) Petal fall
  • Grapes: 3 applications. 1) 12-18 inch shoot growth. 2) Full bloom. 3) After fruit set
  • Fruiting vegetables: 3 applications. 1) Early flowering. 2) 7 to 14 days after 1st appl. 3) 7 to 14 days after 2nd appl.
  • Leafy vegetables: 2 applications. 1) 7 to 14 days after planting. 2) 14 days after 1st appl.
  • Potato: 2 applications. 1) Tuber initiation. 2) 14 days after 1st appl.
  • Carrot: 2 applications. 1) 15 cm length. 2) 14 days after 1st appl.
  • Bulbs: 2 applications. 1) 3-4 leaves stage. 2) 7 to 14 days after 1st appl.


BM START® requires storage under regular conditions of humidity and temperature. Shake well before use.

BM START® does not produce plant toxicity when used at the recommended rates.


BM START® is compatible with most insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers of agricultural use. Pour BM START® last in the tank (under agitation).

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