FOLTRON® is designed to stimulate crops at the vegetative stage.


The FOLCISTEINE contained in FOLTRON® Plus increases plant biochemical reserve and optimizes physiological pathway. That element helps the plant to withstand critical periods of its development.

Folcisteine is a compound that penetrates into the plant. It provides a slow and long lasting release of systolic BP groups (-SH) within the cell, which are highly reactive in the enzymatic process.

Thiol groups are important for the synthesis of proteins DNA and RNA. It also regulates cell division and respiration. It is rapidly absorbed by different organs of plants and therefore allows the reactivation of physiological processes, when the crop is under stress. It reduces harmful effects of stress and ensures higher yield and better crop quality.

Folcisteine is also involved in the building of proteins in the plant and, amongst other, ferredoxin, which is a major component in chloroplast. FERRODOXIN is responsible for managing the energy during the process of photosynthesis, by taking care of its distribution to all plant physiological processes.

This ensures coordinated operation of the biological production process or during recovery of plant stress.


Vegetative Growth


FOLTRON® Plus is used to accelerate growth, to improve fruit quality and to increase yields in tomato, chilli and cucumber. The regulation of enzymatic activity within the plant metabolism of crops allows the expression of yield and crop quality.


Guaranteed AnalysisNominal % in Weight
Nitrogen (Ammonium)5.6
Phosphorus (P2O5)19.5
Potassium (K2O)5.0


Crop Rate l/ha Time of application.
Alfalfa 2-3 10-15 days after each cutting.
Cotton 2-3 3 times, first application when third true leaf unfolded, repeat when first floral buds visible and when 20% of bolls have attained their final size.
Cereals (wheat, Barley, Oats, Rice) 1 2 times, first when flag leaf sheath extending, repeat when milky grain.
Strawberry 2 3 times, first when 9 or more leaves unfold, repeat at the beginning of stolon formation and after 2nd harvest. Can be use monthly after 3rd. harvest.
Fruit trees: Apple, Peach, Walnut, and Citrus 2-3 3 times, first application when new vegetative growth have more than 20 cm, repeat 15 days after and when developing fruits.
Legumes; Peas, Beans, Soybean 2-3 2 times, first application when 9 or more leaves unfolded, repeat when 3rd. side shoot visible.
Corn and Sorghum 2 2 times, first application when 4 true leaves unfolded, repeat when 6 true leaves unfolded.
Potato 2-3 3 times, first application when 9-10 leaves of main stem unfolded, repeat 15 days after and 20% of total final tuber mass reached.
Vegetables, Tomato and Pepper 2-3 3 times, first application 15 days after transplanting, repeat at beginning flower bottom formation and when fruits have >1 cm diameter. For undetermined Tomato add one or more applications with 15 days interval after third application.
Cucurbits 2-3 3 times, first application 10 days after transplanting, repeat two times more with 8-10 days interval.


FOLTRON® requires storage under regular conditions of humidity and temperature and under such circumstances the properties of its effectiveness is kept for up to 24 months.


FOLTRON® is compatible with most insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers of agricultural use. It does not produce plant toxicity when used at the recommended rates.

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